Save the “Lungs”

Saving the lungs is the most important and most critical requirement of the hour. Yes you heard it right ‘Lungs’. I am referring the trees to be our lungs. Better infrastructure and increasing desires are causing massive deforestation which is causing a vast devastation to the environment and is also causing Global Warming.

Global warming is harming and changing the environment drastically. Due to Global warming we have been hearing many warning articles like diminishing snow, low ground water level, rising temperatures, extinction of various species, etc.

Recently there was a severe problem of air pollution in the capital city, New Delhi. Such kind of a problem was never seen earlier.  All this had many reasons behind one of which was lack of trees and green patches. These could actually help to reduce this problem and would have given people fresh air to breath. The pollution level had increased so much that people could not breath in the air as it was chocking them all. Air purifiers had been installed in order to provide people some air to breath properly.  All these high raised buildings and shopping malls are all the cause of deforestation. We as people if have such great desires then we should also join hands to prevent our environment. We should also think about the future which we are leaving behind for the coming generations. The situation can still be kept under control if this awareness is spread amonst all. 

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a Forest Wilderness.”

The most recent incident that is still not under control, the largest rainforest on our planet, Amazonia, is burning into ashes. Amazonia creates 20% of the air we breath, it holds 20% of the worlds fresh water supply, it has 10% of the world species, 40,000 of plant species, 3,000 edible fruits. Besides that there are more than 430 species of mammals, millions species of insects. They all are dying. I am surprised that this news is not being highlighted and was first spoken about when the forest was already burning from past 16 days. Still many people are unaware of this and nothing is being done to save it. After putting in hours of research I am shocked to know about the fact that this fire 99% wasn’t due to climatic change, it was intentional. This has been approved by the Brazilian government that the fire is caused to ‘create land’ for farm fields. Unfortunately, money rules the world, but this is unacceptable. Such kind of harsh decision causes a lot to the planet for which the whole planet will suffer.

So we must spread awareness amongst people and convince them to plant trees over cutting them down. Trees and forests are home too many diverse species. We can’t be so brutal to snatch away their lives and homes. Planting trees can help us reduce global warming and can also help us fight through all the major problems that we are facing and can protect and preserve it for our coming generations. 

In many different ways this awareness is being spread across the world. It’s being done up in a very beautiful way through videos and advertisements. Few days ago I came across a very nice and striking advertisement  which conveyed the awareness of global warming in a very different way which directly influences ones mind. It showed, there is a school in which parents of all the students have been called and have been given colours and blank sheets. They have been asked to make a beautiful scenery and make it as colourful as they can. All the parents did as said. Now was the turn of the children to do it but they were only left with grey and black colours. Then the teachers explained the parents this is what exactly what we are leaving behind for our children. If we all come together and start to save our environment it can be saved. As it’s said ‘It’s never too late to do good’ , so people come together and start to save and contribute to saving our environment. 

We should take inspiration from those groups of people who are going places to plant saplings in order to spread awareness about the most important need of the hour. 

A seed grows with no sound but a tree falls with a huge noise. Destruction has noise, but creation is quiet. “Grow Silently”. 

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