7 Optimistic Thoughts During COVID-19

The sever pandemic created by the novel coronavirus has drastically changed peoples lives. There have been many setbacks created due to the pandemic. 

Who had ever thought of such a time when complete lockdown will be effective in the whole country?

Who had ever thought that a virus could be so devastating and contagious?

Who had thought of such a “New Normal”?

Optimism is the biggest way to get through all the difficult times. Optimism gives us the strength to move ahead.

During this difficult time of COVID-19 I had a few optimistic thoughts that crossed my mind. 

  • Change in environment: Prior to the lockdown there was a major issue about the air quality that was getting bad to worse in the Capital, New Delhi. This soon became a problem of many other states too. Even after trying various ways to alter the the problem of air quality, there was hardly any difference seen. But soon after the lockdown when everything came to a stand still , the environment changed drastically. The air quality across the country became healthy. We even experienced a slight change in the temperature. Thanks to lockdown, as we got an opportunity to witness various kinds of species of migratory birds. The whole ecosystem seemed to be blooming. The morning chirps of birds have also returned which we never got to witness earlier due to the changing environment.
  • Daily household chores done by the men: Most of the families are dependent on the domestic helpers for the daily chores. But due to lockdown the helpers were not able to come and do their duties. This was the time when everyone was at home. So life was easy when everyone including the men of the family were helping in the daily chores. The men were always busy in their work so they could never help in the daily chores. But during lockdown they had no bounds of work and lent a helping hand in household work. 
  • Spending time with family: In our normal course of life we didn’t get time to spend with our family . We had various engagements due to which family time was negligible. The lockdown gave us the opportunity to spend time with family. During lockdown we played various indoor games such as, ludo, snakes and ladders, monopoly, cards, antakshari, etc. We also did some indoor setups for exercises and other activities. The whole family sat together and saw various movies and series on Netflix, Amazon prime videos, Hotstart and many such platforms. All this was possible only because of lockdown. Lockdown has given us moments to cherish which we will always have saved deep into our hearts.
  • Experiencing Masterchef: Had you ever thought that you would be trying the various dynamic cuisines which you have not even thought of trying them when you went to a restaurant? Had you thought that you would be baking breads, buns, pizza base, etc. at your home? People took full advantage of the free time and technology and tried out various such things that one would have never thought of making at home. The enthusiasm for this was pumped up when all these dishes were being shared by people on social media platforms. Even the kids had an awesome time in putting their hands on non-fire recipes. Lockdown helped us find the Masterchef within us. 
  • Living with limited: Lockdown has given us a very good lesson about living with limited. Due to lockdown availability of things was scarce, yet people moved on. Earlier when you wanted to buy something and didn’t get that at one place you would run about places looking for it but in lockdown you had limited options and limited things available, yet we were satisfied. The power of togetherness was a major factor for the feeling of satisfaction.
  • Reduced Expenses: As everything was shut down and we didn’t have any obligations, there was a remarkable reduction in expenses. Overtime we went out of home we would end up picking various unnecessary things too. But now since there are no occasions and obligations left to be fulfilled, things have become easier.
  • Becoming technology driven: Had you ever thought that you would meet your friends virtually whom you tend to meet almost daily or maybe once a week ? Had you thought of celebrating your birthdays and anniversary on a virtual call? Had you ever thought that kids won’t be going to school and studying online through virtual meetings? Lockdown has made all this possible. This is what is called the “New Normal”. For every little thing we needed we would rush to various shops, but now everything you want you order online. The online shopping forums were there earlier too but people had non- satisfied mindset for it. Lockdown got a major shift in the mindset of people to go virtual. 

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