Motivation is Intrinsic or Extrinsic?

Motivation is a very tricky beast. Sometimes it is really easy to get motivated, and you find yourself wrapped up in a whirlwind of excitement. Other times, it is impossible to figure out how to motivate yourself and you are trapped in a death spiral of procrastination.

“Keep your face always towards the sunshine-and shadows will fall behind you.” — Walt Whitman

Motivation might be extrinsic, Whereby a person is inspired by outside forces — other people or rewards. Motivation, I feel, is mainly intrinsic, whereby the inspiration comes from within — the desire to improve at a certain activity. Intrinsic motivation tends to push people more forcefully, and the accomplishments are more fulfilling.

It is easier to change than to stay the same. It is easier to take action and feel insecure at the gym than to sit still and experience self-loathing on the couch. This, I think, is the essence of motivation. Every choice has a price but when we are motivated, it is easier to bear the inconvenience of action than the pain of remaining the same. One of the most surprising things about motivation is that it often comes after starting a new behaviour, not before. We have this common misconception that motivation arrived as a result of passively consuming a motivational video or reading an inspirational book.

The major question that brings in the head of many people ‘How can I feel more motivated?’. Sometimes you feel completely demotivated. In that situation, allow yourself to feel the discomfort, hear the negative self talk, and then take action anyway. For example, let’s say you come home after a long day at work and just want to unwind and watch TV. Instead of turning the TV on, acknowledge that you are tired and then challenge yourself to read a few pages of the book on your side. This approach gives space for negative thoughts and feelings, while helping you change ingrained patterns.

Where there’s no will, there’s no way. One of the best ways to improve your personal effectiveness is to master your motivation and find your drive. If you can master motivation you can deal with life’s setbacks, as well as inspire yourself and follow your growth.

It’s time to get motivated and accomplish your dreams and desires and build the future you want to have.

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